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At Block3, we understand the importance of PR and communications in the Web3 space. While often overlooked by early and even later-stage blockchain projects, establishing your mission, ethos, and unique offering through traditional and digital media can never begin too soon.
In a sector overloaded with content and information, becoming a trusted, credible authority in your field is essential. Simply paying to place an article or two in a low-tier publication is no longer enough. Your future users and partners need to see your name in Tier 1 outlets and your online communities highly engaged.

We work with Web3 projects at an array of growth stages. Digitally, we can launch a project from the idea stage to its first major fundraising round, building communities and partnerships from scratch, while our traditional PR offering can be adapted to any stage of growth.

Emerging Projects

Standing out from the crowd is no easy task, even for established blockchain projects, leaving start-ups often lost among the noise. Block3 is an expert at launching new projects, and our services will increase your brand awareness through organic strategies that promote quality, authority and credibility.

Early Growth Phase

Blockchain is a fast-growing, fast-changing space, which means new projects must be nimble, creative, and collaborative in their marketing and PR. Our clients get results by knowing who their target audiences are and ensuring they're in the right place to reach them. This helps them stay ahead of market trends and avoid what doesn't work.

Dynamic Service Providers 

Projects with diverse offerings challenge traditional marketing and PR offerings. Our boutique approach to PR means we work closely with our clients to learn their business models and develop tailored strategies that work. We work with projects to test strategies and find their ideal PR campaign.

Long Term Growth

Established companies often still lack credibility and authority. Our PR and communications strategies draw on traditional PR approaches that focus on building long-term relationships, combined with innovative techniques to ensure your message reaches the highest levels of global media.