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Truflation is the world’s leading independent inflation data aggregator. On-chain and compiled using millions of price points drawn and recorded in real-time, Truflation is fast becoming one of the most respected and oft-quoted sources of truth for inflation data in the US and UK. Valued by investors, traders, and the media alike, Truflation is contributing to the development and improvement of one of the most pressing economic challenges of the day.
The problem
While enjoying a strong and active community on crypto Twitter, Truflation was struggling to punctuate through to mainstream media and investor channels. Its product, however, had the potential to bridge the gap between traditional and decentralized finance. The firm was also looking to raise awareness of its sister project, “flatcoin” Nuon.
The solution
Block3 PR crafted high-quality, editorial-level media content while generating frequent commentary and securing regular media coverage in Tier 1 publications, such as Fortune Magazine, Bloomberg, CNBC, and CoinDesk. We leaned on the vision, experience, and credibility of founder Stefan Rust (former CEO of to build brand authority and visibility. We also worked closely with Oliver Rust, head of product at Truflation, to establish him as an authority within US media on independent inflation data and macro-economic trends.
The result
Block3 PR helped Truflation to become the leading authority in independent inflation data among blockchain and mainstream audiences, while also building coverage from scratch for its sister project, Nuon. In the six months following engagement, total editorial audience reach grew 74% to 3.48 billion, while total media mentions soared by 1,498% to 2,830. Founder Stefan Rust and head of product Oliver Rust became regular contributors in leading TradFi and crypto publications, including Bloomberg, Fortune, CNBC, CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph. Truflation was also chosen for investment by Coinbase in September 2023.
Media mentions:
2.07 Billion
Media Mentions:
3.48 Billion
Top publications:
Fortune Magazine, Bloomberg, CNBC, International Business Times, Benzinga, CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk TV, CoinJournal, Yahoo Finance, US News, Fox Business