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Innovative PR for Web3 Clients
At Block3, we combine traditional PR with cutting edge Web3 social media strategies to deliver a truly unique, fully comprehensive approach to blockchain-based clients.
What we do

Press Relations

Generate exceptional visibility for your brand

We are intimately familiar with the blockchain landscape and use our journalistic expertise to give publishers exactly what they need, when they need it. The core of our offering is c-suite profile building and media relations, ensuring founders and c-suite are regularly visible in their target media outlets.

Brand Messaging

Amplify your media engagement and voice

Tailored communication strategies are at the heart of persuasive storytelling. Through agile messaging, brand positioning, content distribution and crisis management, we give our clients an edge over their competitors.


Produce tangible results with strategic storytelling

Quality content is the best way to engage your target audience, assist fundraising, and increase user acquisition. By publishing articles, press releases and thought leadership pieces, Block3 PR ensures that your project stands out in an ever-evolving landscape.

Advice and Training

Access world-class expertise every step of the way

Our full-stack communications advisory services give clients access to decades of experience in traditional and digital finance, journalism, and cryptocurrency. Our team consists of leading experts in media training, editorial services, competitive analysis, goal setting, and narrative building.
How we do it

Compelling Narratives

With decades of experience in journalism, we know what publications and their readers want and need. We get coverage in Tier 1 publications by making you the authority on issues the media cares about while telling your story and reaching the audiences you want through imaginative, proven approaches.

Hands-On Expertise

With Block3 PR, you will work closely with our leadership team, which draws on years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of the TradFi, CeFi, DeFi and blockchain landscapes. You won’t be our client, you’ll be our partner.

Highly Tailored Strategies

Every project requires a unique strategy to maximize results. No two clients are alike, so Block3 PR analyses your company's positioning in the market and looks for new audiences to customize every facet of your PR approach.

Agile Campaigns

Success in blockchain isn't only about following market trends, it's about predicting them. Block3 PR's tailored, boutique strategies aim to ensure that your business or protocol adapts fluidly to market changes.
Platforms we publish on

Digital Strategy

360-degree digital strategies to establish and grow Web3 start-ups, from driving community growth to building industry partnerships and reaching investors

Social Media Branding

A strong social media presence is a must-have for any successful blockchain business. At Block3 PR, we build unique, organic digital communication strategies adapted to the Web3 community and designed to drive a higher engagement rate than 90% of the industry.

Content Creation

No social media strategy can be successful without quality content. We create tailored, on-brand, written and video content designed to deliver strong algorithmic performance on your social media channels to effectively strengthen your brand and grow your audience.

Community Building

We implement the most innovative and efficient Web3 community management tools to create a strong community that will be highly proactive and focused on driving the business development of your project.


Successful partnerships and collaborations can supercharge your project’s growth. We source and drive innovative community and B2B focused partnerships to develop your project, community, and networks of influence.

Twitter Discussions

We ensure your project remains visible and relevant by organizing unique Twitter discussions designed to deepen your networks and drive engagement. This innovative strategy allows you to access an audience 3-4 times larger than traditional Twitter Spaces.
Digital identity


Video created for a Web3 e-commerce platform mainnet launch


Creation of the “stake your game” concept and marketing content to promote the campaign. (TVL +300%)
Diva Staking


Video highlighting Diva’s early staker partnership with OKX


Creation of an ambassador program and gamified community-building campaign on Zealy and Discord
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Cutting-edge PR strategies focused on top-quality content

Build authority, credibility, and longevity with PR that places your businesses in the world's most respected media outlets, driving trust among users, investors and partners.
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